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Please complete the following form if intending to apply for a 2017 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON media accreditation. After successfull submission, an autogenerated note will be sent to your email adress. Media accreditation requests will be confirmed in a seperate mailing after your application has been processed.

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    Accreditations will only be issued on receipt of a fully completed Television Access Application Form.

    Footage is not authorized for use in any way until given confirmation in writing from Infront Sports & Media, representatives of BMW BERLIN-MARATHON international media rights. Accreditation may be immediately revoked should accurate information not be provided before the start of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

    Licensee agrees that all right, title and interest whatsoever including copyright, throughout the world in the Footage shall vest in the Licensor for the full term of copyright including all renewals and extensions thereof but reserving to Licensee the licence to deal with said copyright material to the extent required by the exercise of its rights hereunder. For the avoidance of doubt, this shall include any footage filmed inside any of the venue of the Event.

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